Make an Offer

As Simple as Pie

We know that making an offer is a big step. If you want to make an offer:

Through this Website

  • Push the button above
    • It will send you to a web page of a PDF file that includes all of the forms needed to complete the offer. It should look something like the image to the right;
    • Download the File (the red arrow points to the download Icon)
    • Print it and add the missing information
    • Initial and Sign it
    • Deliver it to us directly or email it. 

If You have an Agent

If you wish to work with an agent, then please do. They can print the forms or take the information from the forms and complete the offer. *

If you want an agent

If want an agent and do not have one, we recommend that you consider the Myer Group as they previously listed our home. We do not have any obligations to them, but they treated us fairly and we think they would serve you well too! **


* We offer a 3% commission to all Buyer's agents that bring a bona fide offer that closes. The agent just needs to register you and they will be protected for 180 days from when they present you or the offer to us.

** By making a recommendation we are not endorsing nor promoting their service as a buyer's  agent. They were our seller's agent prior. They did a good job for us. That is all we are saying.

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