Why Clearwater Beach

Why Clearwater Beach?


There are Thousands of Reasons

Make that several hundreds of thousands. Tripadvisor ranked Clearwater Beach number 1 for the third year in around. USA Today selected Clearwater Beach as well. But these are not the only reasons to live on Clearwater Beach.  

Living the Dream

Living here is like a dream come true. I moved here for personal reasons from Hawaii which is our return destination after we sell 1040 Mandalay Avenue. However, I can tell you this just a great of a place to live fulltime and it is to live part time. The beach has a friendly feel to it. Yet, it can be a lively of a place that you want. There are 5 beaches on our little island with a distinct favor to each of them:

  • South Beach – Located south of all the public beach (think 440 and south). It has a nightlife vibe to it. There are bars on the water where you can watch the ships come in and the night go down . . .. down. . . down.
  • Pier 60 – This is the family part of the beach. Anything from Beach Volleyball to building sandcastles to just racing the waves is waiting for you. 
  • Palm Pavilion – While not a energetic as South Beach, the Palm Pavilion crowd can party!! Anchored by Frenchy’s and the Palm Pavilion, you have the young adults that don’t want to be around their parents and the older adults that might be in need of parental supervision. 
  • North of Palm Pavilion – Considering the location, you might be surprised by the lack of pace. This is the last of the city groomed beach, but it allows a bit of a respite from the daily activities. A considerably slower pace is found here. 
  • North Beach – Just north of all the Condos, is North Beach. It is much more residential and the pace is more measured. Most of the residents live in the world with one foot in the sand and the other in the real workaday world. So, you will meet your neighbors on their way to watch the sunset. 
  • Carlouel Beach – While not really called this. It is in a sense a more private and secluded beach. Not because there are barriers, but because there is no public access or restrooms beyond the Carlouel Gates.

And that doesn’t mention Caladesi Island which you can walk to from Clearwater Beach. In other words, you can pick your level of activity based on how you feel and not on how long of a commute.