Walk the Beach

Walk on The Beach

Not to the Beach

Time on the Beach

What Do You Want to Do?

Are you going to walk or drive 25 minutes everytime you want to walk the beach? If you are considering buying real estate, ask yourself that question.

1040 Mandalay is just a short walk to the BEST part of the best BEACH!!! Located only 147 steps to the Carlouel Private access for the Gulf of Mexico. The private community access to one of the best Florida Beaches. This is one of the few beaches that hasn’t been ruined by developers.   Yes, it has white sugar sand like the rest of Clearwater!! But less crowded and more natural Florida. Imagine the number of times you will be on the beach. 

Amazing Sunsets

Sunsets are amazing here. just watch the Video above. Listen to the wind blowing, the water softly slapping onto the shore. Watch the beautiful colors of the sunset. All about a block away from your front door.

Daily Walks

In the morning, you can get up and be on the beach in 5 minutes (tops). Not just on the beach, but the best part. Rolling dunes on one side and the waves lapping the shore on the other. You can hear the bird call for their mates. It is amazing.

Morning Raises

Morning on the Bay

Bring your coffee and watch a sunrise to behold!! It is just across the street and you can actually see the water from the 1040 Mandalay Avenue.

Carlouel Beach Access

Your journey starts when you reach the Access Gate for the Gulf of Mexico. You can hear and smell the ocean. Yet, this is a great semi private area that you and friends can sit and watch a sunset with a bottle of wine and some cheese. Because it is private property, there are you can have open alcohol. 

A short walk from the gate through the natural sand dunes and you are on the gulf of Mexico. The water is warmer, smoother and prettier than the Atlantic ocean. 

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