So You Want A Pool?

You love 1040 Mandalay, but you really wanted a pool.

Don’t give up. There actually is room for a play pool!!!

So go ahead take the plunge and consider 1040 Mandalay as your new home. You will be glad you did!!! If the kids want to play in the pool, then let them. If you just like to lounge around, GO FOR IT!! Just remember to put on the sunscreen before you go out.

Below are a few, rendering and an example of the type of pool you could build.

Picture Perfect for you New Home.

Swimming Pool facing south      Ahh yes, this is the life!!  Relaxing on your floater or sitting in the Jacuzzi after a round of golf. Close your eyes and feel the sun, smell the sweet salt air from the sea. You earned this, so enjoy.

Pool at 1040 MandalayThe renderings show you the concept, The pool could be bigger and wrap more around the house. You get the idea. Other options include it in the front yard.

Overhead shot of swimming poolIt really is up to you. Other houses on the beach with the preexisting pools, you have to live with the size, shape and location. This house allows you some flexibility as to shape and location. Go ahead and think it over.

In the meantime, remember that you do have a beach that is kid friendly and very comfortable 8 months of the year on the best beach in the USA: CLEARWATER BEACH!!!



Below is the Proposal for the Pool

Carr Proposal

Some Pictures for Thought

Our neighbors have a play pool in a similar area. Here are  few pictures to give you a better idea of the size.

Pool ideas    view of the neighbors pool

Remember, these pictures are just to give you an idea. While the proposal is a good faith estimate, prices may change without notice. The owner does not hold out any of these options as possible. You should get your own estimate before buying any home.

OR JOIN the Carlouel Yacht Club

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