Living Room

Living Room

The Room We Live In

Compared to other property for sale in Carlouel, you going to see this home is special. Every room at 1040 Mandalay is special, but The Living Room is the room that we spent our time in the evenings. It is in the center of the house for a reason; you will wanted it to be the gathering place before everyone headed off to their individual lives.

Unlike most houses for sale, this room as so many different character depending on the time of day, activities and your mood.

  • When you leave the doors open to the Sun Room, the room fills with natural light and sparkles. The open feeling between the the kitchen, sun room and foyer attached to this room make the house feel big, yet comfy. 
  • If you want a more close and cozy feeling, just close all the doors and there you are. In matter of seconds, you have a different feel. 
  • Or just do a mix of closed and open doors to match what you are doing.

Besides how beautiful this room looks, you will find that the room is very functional. With features like:

  • Smart dimming lights allows you to control the light from your tablet or smartphone;
  • Surround sound movies are more alive;
  • The dry bar with its remote lighting can set the mood anytime;
  • The ceiling lighting eliminates the need for lamps.

Soon you will fall in love with this room in your new home in Carlouel on Clearwater Beach.