1040 Mandalay Avenue Clearwater Beach

The Best of Both Worlds

Some kitchens look good and some are functional.

Here at 1040 Mandalay Avenue. We asked why not both?  Your new kitchen will surprise you with the hidden features like:

  • Holiday and special dinners are a fun again
    • With 3 ovens!!;
    • And a warmer drawer;
    • Lots of Granite Countertops;
    • Glass Cooktop
  • Spacious walk-in Pantry designed for your kitchen storage needs;
  • You won't go back to a standard refrigerator after you use our twin side by side refrigerator and freezer combo.  
  • State of the Art Dishwasher:
    • It make cleaning dishes a breeze;
    • It is quiet enough to run anytime;
  • The larger than life above oven microwave;
  • New quiet garbage disposal;
  • Custom made solid wood cabinets;
    • Lots and lots of cabinet space;
    • Drawers for everything your need and more;
  • Extra seating area at the counter;
  • The Dinner Table is Right next to the Open Kitchen Counter.

And that doesn't mention the beauty of the kitchen. Come that a look at your new Kitchen.

We think this is one of the best kitchens in Carlouel if not all of Clearwater Beach!