Sun Room

Sun Room aka Florida Room

The Sun Room is our All Purpose Room 

One of the most used spaces in the house.

  • You can have this open to the living room for days at a time. It makes the living room feel large and spacious.
    • The natural light draws into the living room as a nice comfortable glow. These days will be often as you will will find lighting enhances your mood. 
    • When you entertain, you will normally find the opened area helps people mingle and socialize. 
  • Yet, there are times when you might like to close it off and use it as a separate room. 
    • Sometimes it is a extra bedroom. If you have a large family visiting, this can easily be closed off for an extra Bedroom or 2 if you use a portable partition. 
    • Sometimes it is a retreat for reading or listening to the birds outside. If you like the cozy feeling with lots of light, just close off the living room and there you are.
    • Fitness room? Absolutely!! It is large enough to be a fitness room and the floor is concrete, so feel free to put your weight machines here too.
    • Or maybe an extra office. Yes, you can use this as your office

It's uses are limited only by your imagination.  

As with other Rooms it comes:

  • Cable prewired
  • Wired ethernet for High Speed and Reliable Internet
  • Outlets everywhere
  • Canister Lights , so no need for lamps