Small Suite

Guest Bedroom with EnSuite Bathroom

Above all, this suite is small, but Big in Ideas!!!  Originally, the largest bedroom in the house, this is now the smallest bedroom in the home. From the beginning we designed the remodel to  feel bigger and more airy than most rooms on the beach.

Most noteworthy is our use the space of the bedroom and bathroom together. Thus removing the claustrophobic feeling of the old homes built in the 50's. As a result, we used a "see thru" shower that allows lots of natural light to come into the bedroom as well as the shower.

Rather than just putting lipstick on a pig, we worked to make the shower a show piece of the suite.  As a matter of fact the rainfall shower is as beautiful as it is functional. So much so, it turns out to be an artistic centerpiece of the bedroom.

Next, we added built-in features which removes the clutter of most rooms. We worked hard to reduce the space needed for lamps, dressers, TV's and other space wasting furniture.

  • Mounting for Flat screen TV;
  • Cable feed to the Flat Screen;
  • Wired Internet for High speed and reliable internet;
  • Canister Lighting no need to lug a lamp around;
  • And a bit of the old Florida Home with a ceiling fan.

The Results Surprised Even US.

This has become our visitors' favorite room. Your guests will tell you the same. Sometimes the weird turns into wonderful. That happened to us at a 5 star hotel that had the shower and bedroom separated only by glass. This is probably one of the few guest suites on Clearwater Beach in this configuration.  Yet, when you see it, you too might say "Wow!"

Take a seat in the lover's futon. Relax and enjoy the view of the shower. The slate sets the room with a warm comfortable feeling while the sun light brings out the different shades and colors. Take your time and enjoy the smallest, coziest and cutest guest room here at 1040 Mandalay.

Larger than Average

While it is now the smallest bedroom, it still is a good size bedroom. First, it still can fit a Queen size bed and furniture. Afterall, it is a 13' by 11' of living space (approximately 143 square feet).