Master Suite

Heavenly Master Suite

Unlike most Beach houses for sale, 1040 Mandalay has a Master Suite you could fall in love all over again in. When we bought this house as a 4 bedroom 2 bath. We found the house did not have a master bedroom worth staying in. So, we converted 2 bedrooms and a dysfunctional closet into what is now the Master Suite. a 19' by 19' Bedroom;

  • Spacious walk-in closet;
  • and an En Suite "TO DIE FOR".  
  • The master bathroom includes 2 romantic hideaways:
    • A duo shower;
    • A lover's Jacuzzi;
  • There is a separate water closet for privacy;
  • As well as his and her Sinks and cabinets.

All of this is included in this 550 square feet of privacy.

Spacious Master Bedroom

Working with a Architect, we designed this to fit today's lifestyle. This room was designed to allow almost any configuration:

  • Placing the Bed Diagonally is only one option;
  • 3 of the 5 walls are pre-wired for TV;
  • 4 of the 5 walls are pre-wired for direct connection to the internet;
  • 2 of the 5 walls could function for a desk for work;

Imagine all the options you can place in approximately 360 feet of BEDROOM!!!

Day Spa

Your Private Romantic Spa 

Right in your home is a retreat that waits for you anytime you want it.

  • Long day at work? No problem;
  • Need some "Me" time from the house work? No problem;
  • Want that Romantic Getaway? Here it is!!! 
    • A duo shower, think of the possibilities!!!!
    • A lover's Jacuzzi can be fun as well as therapeutic!!!
  • no fighting over space with the his and her Sinks and cabinets.

What more could you ask for?

Walk-In Closet

Master Closet Space

What would a Master Suite be without a spacious walk-in closet? Well, we took a different approach. You new home has a functional walk-in closet. We focused on USE OF SPACE and bringing in natural light. Why? Because, while we all dream about a closet you could sit down in, it is a waste of space and usually lit incorrectly. We use full spectrum lighting and augment it with natural light from a window that is protected from direct sunlight. The window has a second purpose; it allows better air flow when you want to enjoy the outside. Consider the details

  • Spacious 6' by 10' walk-in closet;
  • Natural Light Source when needed;
  • Full Spectrum Lighting;
  • Build in:
    • Drawers;
    • Cubbie Holes;
    • Lots of Hanging Area;
    • Lots of Shelving;
    • Full Length Hanging Area.
  • Vented and Louver Doors.

You will find this closet the best closet ever!


We built this master suite to be for a couple to rekindle the romance and yet be functional and comfy. It has exceeded our dreams, hopefully you can find the same level of togetherness that built this suite.