Large Bedroom

Why Not a Second Master Bedroom?

Size does matter.  At 18 feet by 14 feet, this room would be a master bedroom in most of the homes on the beach, but is not in this house. Imagine waking up and looking out the window to a view of water. That is exactly what you could do from this bedroom has a limited view of water that is refreshing. I doubt there is another home in this prices range that offers water views as nice is this.

Fit for a King!!! This bedroom can fit a king size bed and still have room for furnishings. try that in the second bedroom of any other house in this price range. It is large enough to hold a yoga class.

So, if you are wondering why this room is so big and with pictures windows, here is a little history. This room use to be where a Grand Piano stood as the original owner was a concert pianist. Sometimes, you can heard the piano play if you listen....

Royal Sun

Because the windows draw in the sun,We call this the Royal Sun Bedroom . It is an amazing room on its own and as a bedroom it is unmatched. It reminds us of the Sun in the Palace of Versailles. Everywhere in the room you feel the light of the sun. Mornings are especially powerful. In the afternoon, you can watch the shadows, world go by and the water flow on the intercoastal. Yet, it can be as private as you want.

Loads of Closet Space

Available closet space is only out done by the view. His and His closets with room to spare. A division provides extra shelf space as well as more hanging surface. The man in your life will love that he has two closets when you kick his clothes out of the Master Bedroom closet.