Bathrooms of 1040 Mandalay


Look at designs the bathrooms of 1040 Mandalay; each of the Bathrooms are unique, but practical. Consider each design point:

  • First, the Master Bathroom was designed to be an escape:
    • Romantic and Relaxing;
    • Easy to share;
    • A duo shower;
    • A lover's Jacuzzi;
    • There is a separate water closet for privacy;
    • As well as his and her Sinks and cabinets.
  • Next, Guest's EnSuite Bathroom was designed around a guest:
    • The open shower brings in the light and becomes the center of the room
    • We all know that a shower is only used 10 to 15 minutes a day,
    • However, with this designed (borrowed from some high end hotels)
      • The beauty of the shower becomes a centerpiece of the room;
      • The room has a more open feel;
      • the room is more romantic and airy;
  • Finally, the Common Bathroom was designed with entertainment and grandchildren in mind:
    • The Tub is for those guests that prefer a bath to a shower;
    • The two sinks make this easily a his and hers for guests;
    • We added a full length urinal perfect for the aiming problems of young and old boys.

Master Bathroom

1040 Mandalay Clearwater Beach Real estate Property for Sale

Your Private Romantic Spa

Right in your home is a retreat that waits for you anytime you want it. Imagine, coming home from a long day at the office. You can immediately "destress" (relax) because your master suite has a spa. Jacuzzi or shower, it is your call. Needless to say, it helps either way.

Or you just want a little "Me Time" from house work. take a nice bubble bath. It will seem like you went to a 5 star hotel for that hour. Sorry, but you will have to go back to the housework. Still, you will feel better because to pampered yourself.

Finally, we all know how important it is to have that romantic time together. There is no excuse not to be romantic at home since the shower and the tub are both large enough for two.  A little candle light and some soft music is all you need. Just remember to lock the bedroom door, because this is for couples.

On the practical side, we have dual sinks and cabinets space for all those thing you need. After all, this is a home and not just a spa.  No fighting over space with the his and her Sinks and cabinets!!

Since natural light comes through the glass block, you have good lighting and privacy at the same time.

Come enjoy all that 1040 Mandalay has to offer. Here is your oasis in the Carlouel Community of Clearwater Beach.

Guest Suite Bathroom

Guest Suite Bathroom

A shower so beautiful we couldn't hide it. As we mentioned, we borrowed the idea from a few high end hotels. What better way for your guests to unwind than to feel like they are at a 5 star hotel. The bathroom is so cute, your guests may never leave!! No... Seriously, we have had several guests tell us that this was their FAVORITE stay because of the room.

It is functional and significantly larger than most bathrooms in this real estate market (especially in this price range) in the Carlouel Neighborhood on Clearwater Beach. This is smallest bathroom in the house. Yet, it has more space than some masters we have seen.

Click here for more information about the Guest bedroom's En Suite.

1040 Mandalay Clearwater Beach Real estate Property for Sale
1040 Mandalay Clearwater Beach Real estate Property for Sale

Not Your Average Bathroom

The common bathroom provides a standard tub shower for the little tikes that visit or if you just want to soak and not do a Jacuzzi.  The double sinks are a nice feature for your guests. Both have their own medicine cabinet. While we will admit, this bathroom is a bit dated, it still functions well as the common bathroom. 

If you entertain at all you know the issues when men have a bit too much. It might be a shock to see the full length urinal, but it is my wife's favorite feature. Why? Because as she says "Our women guests and I know that my toilet seat will be always down and never sticky." ew.... face the facts: whether you have little boys or big boys, you don't have to worry about their aim at 1040 Mandalay on Clearwater Beach.