Clearwater Beach Real Estate 101

Real Estate on Clearwater Beach 101

The value of properties on Clearwater Beach can seem confusing to many people. I am not realtor and I do not hold myself as an expert on real estate values. However, what I am about to share with you may be more valuable than paying a large fee to a realtor. I still recommend that you work with a real estate expert that knows Clearwater Beach before buying your next home.

North Beach Real Estate is different than South Beach

Clearwater Beach is unusual because it has 6 different types of areas each with their own unique character, problems and Benefits. And then there is Island Estate. Let me make it clear Island Estate is not on the beach! with an average commute to the beach is 25 minutes each way. Do you really want to commute 50 minutes every time you want to go to the beach?   

Clearwater Beach Areas

  • South Beach (just south of the large traffic circle) has a blend of bayside water front homes with Hotels, Weekly and daily Rental condominiums towards the Gulf. There are a lot of things to do, but along with that come the traffic congestion and issues when you have crowds of people.
  • Central Beach (The large traffic circle up to the Palm Pavilion) is less busy, with several high end condos and nice to exceptional hotels. There are plenty of things to do here as well, but the pace is a bit more at ease.
  • North Central (Palm Pavilion to the little circle) is mostly Condos on the beach side with small mom & pop motels. The pace is slower; the beach is still maintained by the city for the tourist.
  • North Beach (the little circle to Carlouel Gates) has a quieter, slower pace and is more of a residential community. There is a large mix of homes that are rented out buy the owners, who will someday move into the property.
  • Carlouel (Carlouel gates to the Private Gates of Mandalay Point) is almost exclusively residential. Carlouel homes generally are well maintained. Yes, there some rental homes in Carlouel, but they are usually well taken care of and the owners are careful to screen the renters as Carlouel has many doctors, lawyers and business leaders living in the community.
  • Mandalay Point (Mandalay Point gate north) Exclusive and very expensive private community.

Island Estates

I am not a real estate expert, but to me, if you are a beach person, Island Estates is not a good match. If you are a boating person there are some really nice properties at lower prices than on Clearwater Beach. If you are a boat and a beach person, then I would say spend the money to live on Clearwater Beach. Yes, it is expensive, but you get more. 

North Beach and Carlouel

I will focus only on Carlouel and North Beach in this letter because I do not live in the other areas.

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Buying Property on Clearwater Beach

Questions You need to Ask Yourself


I have met so many people looking for homes on Clearwater beach! Yes, it is a great location! Yes, it is a beautiful beach and Island. But  Ask yourself the following Questions:

  • What type of person are you?
    • Beach Person?
    • Boat Person? 
    • Both?
      • Which do you spend the most time doing?
      • What type of boating do you want to do?
  • Condo Versus Home
  • How much money do you have to spend?
  • How will you use the property?
    • Live in it full time?
    • Rent it out while you are gone?
    • Rent it until you move in?

These are a few questions that can guide you to the right area.

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So you want a Boat....

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